Shows Every Monday At 8 p.m.
  (All performers subject to change)

November 19th, 20018
Special Thanksgiving Show!
  •     Lina Liu (The Whirling Dervish of Delight!)
  •     Jeff Moche (The Woody Allen of Monday Night Magic!)
  •     Harrison Greenbaum (Award-Winning Comedian and Conjuror)

November 26th, 2018
  •     Alexander Boyce (The Elegant Young Gentleman of Magic)
  •     Denny Corby (Engaging, Incredible & Hilarious)
  •     Peter Samelson (A Little Wild, A Little Wacky, Always Amazing!)

December 3rd, 2018
  •     Dave Chandler (Elegant and Classy Magic from Yesteryear)
  •     Francis Menotti (Magic That's a Little Spooky and Great Fun!)
  •     Eric Dittelman (America's Favorite Mind Reader)

December 10th, 2018
  •     Torkova (Classical Award-Winning Magic At Its Best!)
  •     David Corsaro (He's Seen a Million Faces and Amazed Them All!)
  •     Eran Raven (Amazing Mentalist from the NBC show “Phenomenon”)

December 17th, 2018
  •     Alexander Boyce (The Elegant Young Gentleman of Magic)
  •     The Great Throwdini (The World's Fastest Knife Thrower)
  •     Michael Chaut (Magic With A Comic Touch)

December 24th, 2018
Two Special Holiday Shows: 5:00 PM & 8:00 PM
  •     Jeremy Mikaelson (International Rising Star of Magic)
  •     Eric Jones (Dazzling Digital Dexterity!)
  •     Chris Capehart (The Master Magician)