Vito Lupo
is part of a new wave of magic; a merging of the deft, elegant, gentlemanly gestures of yesteryear with flashier tricks and more difficult illusions. As a magician, Lupo is excellent; as a performer, he understands the value of a swiftly flowing act. One French theater critic wrote, "Vito fills the eyes, the heart, the soul. The spectator that I am becomes the magician, a child, a mime, and little by little, I become him. I forget all because he expresses all."

Equally skilled in mime, movement and music, Vito Lupo has established much recognition with his unique blend between the different art forms. Vito fulfilled a dream at 17 years old with a Broadway debut when he starred with the late legendary illusionist Richiardi in The Incredible World of Magic & Illusion. Since then, he has mystified audiences at Paris' Crazy Horse Saloon, the Sporting Club at Monte Carlo, the Theater An Der Wien in Vienna, the Futurist Theater in Scarborough, England, The Fox Theater in St. Louis and even back to Broadway. His television appearances include HBO, Showtime and The Disney Channel as well as international broadcasts in 21 countries.

A performing artist of great energy, Vito has made many notable achievements. He was awarded first place in the prestigious FISM (Federation of the International Society of Magicians) in the Grand Prix World Magic Competition (the absolute highest accolade that can be earned in the world of magic); in Canada he earned first place as Solo Variety Artist in the International Festival of Performing Arts as well as appearing in a command performance for the Royal Family of Monaco.

Vito recently was involved in a nine month project with Walt Disney introducing the new 1998 VW Beetle. He produced 40 of these brand new cars at MGM Studios for more than 10,000 people. This was the world's largest single magic production based on interactive misdirection.

Live on stage, anywhere in the world, Vito Lupo is a master at creating wonder in grand illusions.